Stress-Free Taxation Resolution With IRS

The IRS ensures that taxes are collected from people and businesses. Often you fear dealing with them as you may have a tax issue that is a major cause of concern to you. Most people make the common mistake of trying to deal and manage with the tax issue alone. This is where they commit the mistake. It is prudent and wise for you to take the help of reputed and trusted tax resolution firms in order to receive the proper information and guidance.

Now, when it comes to tax specialists and resolution firms, you will find that there are many in the market today. However, for getting the ideal tax resolution firm, it is important for you to understand how they work and function for your needs and protection. It is prudent for you to read the reviews and the testimonials of the tax resolution company before you hire it so that you are able to get the best help for your needs.

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How to Avoid Debt when Combining Two Households

While you might think it’s possible to avoid debt when combining to households, the truth is: debt is almost unavoidable. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to either reduce or eliminate its impact on your joint finances. The key is simply knowing what to do and that means communicating with your significant other in order to establish a financially solvent game plan.

Pay Cash for Everything

The biggest thing you can do to reduce or eliminate debt is to pay cash for everything you own or intend to own. As a couple, this means combining your finances and creating a joint budget that shares responsibility for paying bills and managing money. By doing so, you increase you buying power for big ticket items that you need to purchase as a couple, and increase your potential to save money.

Before combining your household incomes, you need to have an honest conversation with each other about money and find out the best plan for your joint needs.

Consider Debt Consolidation

If the two of you have individual debts and you want to reduce your monthly payments or interest rates, you may want to consider combining them by consolidating your debt into one payment. Doing so not

How to Apply for a Credit Card

How to Apply for a Credit Card

Credit cards are an important tool in building your financial future. But remember, applying is the easy part. Using credit wisely is much more difficult.

How Credit Cards Work

A credit card is like a small loan, but you don’t put up collateral to get it. You can use it as many times as you like, up to the total dollar limit allowed. Every month, you must make a minimum payment, but carrying a balance month to month will cost you in interest. If you fail to live up to your obligations, credit cards can ruin your credit history.

 Applying for a Credit Card

Although you can walk into your local bank branch and apply for a credit card there, most of us will fill out an application online. This is not something to do from a public Wi-Fi connection or cell phone, because you’ll be entering personal financial information that a thief could use, destroying your budding credit. Apply only over a secure internet connection.

To apply, you’ll need to provide your Social Security Number, date of birth, address, phone number, bank account details and employment information. Always tell

Credit One Bank Platinum Visa Review

Credit One Bank Review

Does this card look familiar? Credit One Bank employs a very aggressive credit card marketing campaign. I first ran into them when I was applying for my first credit card. After applying for my Discover card, I received a pre-approval letter for this Credit One card. At first glance, I thought it was a Capital One card. I was excited! But as I read through the fees, I thought they seemed absurdly high. I looked at the envelope again and saw it was from Credit One Bank. I confused the two because the logos look so similar. The image above is Credit One, the image below is Capital One:Capital-One-Aspire-Elite-jpg-1

This irritated me. I decided not to even consider this bank because of their deceptive marketing tactics. Soon after this decision, Discover accepted me. But Credit One may be okay for someone who can’t get approved for any other credit card. Thus, it’s worth looking into.

Upon beginning my research, I ran into customer reviews on Credit Karma. They were grim:

credit one bank review

Credit Card Churning – What is it? Is it ethical?

credit card churning ethics

Credit card churning is the process of signup up for credit cards, reaping the signup incentives, and then discontinuing use.

Doing this usually requires high spending, lots of planning, and organizational skills. Most cards typically offer signup bonuses to those who spend a certain amount in a certain period of time. Credit card companies offer these incentives so big spenders will choose their credit card. The idea is that sure, the company has to pay a high bonus, but eventually the consumer will begin paying interest. The company should win in the end – as long as the cardholder continues to use the card.

With credit card churning, both parties take a risk. Credit card companies may get someone who just takes the bonus and then puts the card in a junk drawer. Or, the consumer may end up spending more on interest/purchases just to reap the reward than the reward was ever worth in the first place. Again, both parties take a risk.

Credit Card Churning from a Credit Card Company’s Perspective

A recent article from Fox Business suggests that credit card companies disapprove of churning. Recently, American Express revealed

Possible to Pay Your Mortgage with a Credit Card? Yes.

Possible to Pay Your Mortgage with a Credit Card?

Racking up credit card rewards can be exhilarating. It’s free money and it’s yours just for being smart enough to take advantage of the free money. Lots of people chase credit card rewards. There are countless blogs all over the web about real people who actually get a bump up in life just from using credit cards wisely. Yes, there are many families out there who are getting free summer vacations just from using credit cards. They use credit cards for buying fuel, groceries, paying for car insurance – you name it! The more money they spend, the more rewards they receive.

One of the dangers with using credit cards is it can be almost too easy to spend money. Research has shown that using plastic doesn’t feel as real as using cash. Thus, people overspend. But what about using plastic to pay for things you must already buy like groceries, fuel, auto insurance…. mortgage payments. Yes, paying your mortgage (or rent) with a credit card may be the ultimate prize. There are many credit cards out there that pay 2%+ cashback. 2% of

Credit Karma Targets Consumers with No Credit Score

Credit Karma ffers information to those with no credit score
There are about 15 million people who don’t have a credit score, and Credit Karma wants them to visit their site as well. Although it may seem somewhat ironic that a website which made its name by giving people free credit scores without having to hand over their credit card number would now want to help people who don’t have a credit score at all, the reality is it makes a lot of sense. Credit Karma has expanded their services to also give out two types of free credit reports and with this expansion, it makes more sense that they would want to help consumers who have what the industry calls “thin files” — those people who don’t have a credit score because there isn’t enough credit history and information to calculate a score.

If someone didn’t have enough information in their file to create a credit score in the past, those trying to use the site would be informed of this, and told they would receive an email when there was enough information for them to have a

Can I Pay the Mortgage with a Credit Card?

Should You Pay the Mortgage with a Credit Card?

Credit cards are handy and becoming increasingly popular for paying regular bills. Some are even using credit cards to make their mortgage payment when it’s an option. Doing so is tempting, but is it smart?

Credit Card Options for Paying a Mortgage

First off, most mortgage companies often refuse to accept credit as a form of payment because of processing fees. Those that accept them usually charge a fee, which could negate the rewards you would earn. Even then, the mortgage company might process the transaction as a cash advance, which begins accruing interest from the day of the purchase, adding interest to the expense. The preferred method for earning points on your rewards card by paying your mortgage involves a few extra steps these days.

Paying Bills by Credit Card Is a Process

Many people use prepaid cards that include bill pay services such as Target’s REDcard, Wal-Mart’s Bluebird or AMEX Serve to assist in the process. These cards allow you to pay bills and you can load them if you have a PIN-enabled credit card. So, you have to use your rewards card to purchase